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Out of Adult Jail, But Still Far From Home

Michael Perehinec. Courtesy When defense attorney Michael Perehinec’s 16-year-old client was arrested in Tompkins County in upstate New York last spring, the judge at his arraignment decided to place him in state custody. Since…

Can American Police Close the Gender Gap?

Erica Hicks left a comfortable job to fulfill her dream of becoming a New Jersey police officer. “I want to give back to my community,” she says. “I want to protect and serve.” But thanks to a new fitness test imposed by a little-known…

Where Law and Order Meets Mental Illness

Sporting a cap, T-shirt, cargo shorts and flip flops, “Jim” entered the courtroom in Virginia, Minn., and sat beside county probation officers Kelli Horvath and Scott Carlson and assistant public defender Bhupesh Pattni. He placed his hat…