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Nurse Errors in CT Prison Cause Five Overdoses

Errors by nurses at Connecticut’s understaffed York prison for women caused methadone overdoses for at least five inmates in recent months — a consequence of a staffing shortage and an opioid epidemic among offenders inside and outside of…

How Oklahoma is Lagging in Prison Reforms

In 2017, Oklahoma became the nation’s most incarcerated state, taking over a spot previously held by Louisiana, which significantly reduced its prison population. Of the ten most incarcerated states five years ago, all but three have seen…

First Step Act Moves Are On Schedule, Rosen Says

New Deputy U.S. Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, who toured the federal prison in Englewood, Co., last week, said that the Justice Department is “pushing hard” to abide by the requirements of the First Step Act, reports USA Today. Rosen said…