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Killer ‘murdered woman, had sex with corpse, then filmed murder of next victim’ –

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Photo of Brian Smith in court, next to photos of victims Veronica Abouchuk (top right) and Kathleen Henry (bottom right)
Brian Smith reportedly murdered Veronica Abouchuk, top right, had sex with her corpse, then murdered Kathleen Henry, bottom right, over a year later (Pictures: KVTV)

A killer murdered two homeless women a year apart, filmed one of the killings – and had sex with one of his victim’s corpses, police say.

Brian Steven Smith, 48, reportedly killed Kathleen Henry, 30, and allegedly filmed himself telling her ‘My hand’s getting tired,’ before stomping on the battered woman’s throat.


The body of Henry was found along Alaska’s remote Seward Highway outside Anchorage on October 2.

Smith was arrested on October 8 after a woman found a memory card labeled ‘Homicide at midtown Marriott’ on the street and handed it into police. That clip is said to show Henry’s murder.

The suspect, pinpointed because of his distinctive English-sounding South African accent, now also stands accused of killing Veronica Abouchuk, 53.

Grab of scene where Henry's body was found
Henry’s body was found along a remote Alaskan highway earlier this month. Smith was arrested a week later, and reportedly confessed to killing Abouchuk a year earlier (Picture: KVTV)

Abouchuk was last seen by her family in July 2018, with her remains recovered from a highway outside Anchorage last Thursday.



She had been killed by a single gunshot wound to the head.

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A charging document seen by KTVA alleges that ‘sometime between 2017-2018, at or near Anchorage, BRIAN STEVEN SMITH engaged in sexual penetration of a corpse.’

Smith reportedly admitted being the man in the video with Henry, who was homeless, and to killing Abouchuk.

That confession is said to have led cops to the first victim’s body.

Grab of Smith in court
Smith is due back in court Monday, with prosecutors set to ask for his bond to be doubled to $200,000 (Picture: KTVA)

He has since denied Henry’s murder during his first court appearance, with police refusing to say whether Smith could have killed more than two women.

Smith is due back in court Monday, with a judge set to decide whether his bail should be doubled from $1million to $2million.

That prosecutor’s request says: ‘The defendant has now been indicted on 13 counts for the brutal deaths of two Alaska Native women.

‘After he committed each murder, he dumped the body along the side of the road like unwanted trash.

‘He poses a significant public safety risk, especially to the vulnerable, homeless women currently living on the streets of Anchorage.’

Smith, who arrived in the US in 2014 and became a naturalized citizen last month, has been charged with murdering both women, and misconduct involving a corpse.

If convicted of the crimes he has been charged with, he faces spending the rest of his life behind bars.



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