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Jackson County prosecutors to reexamine 2017 officer-involved shooting – KSHB

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Jackson County prosecutors will reexamine a 2017 deadly officer-involved shooting after the deputy involved in the shooting was charged Wednesday in a separate shooting.

On May 28, 2017, deputy Lauren Michael shot and killed Donald Sneed, 31, after an altercation stemming from alleged shoplifting at a Walmart in Raytown. Michael was working off-duty as a security officer at the store.

Attorneys for Sneed’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit in 2018 against Michael, stating that while two Walmart employees held Sneed to the ground, Michael “tased Sneed multiple times.”

“Shortly thereafter, Defendant Michael drew her gun and shot Sneed multiple times while Sneed was on the ground,” the petition states. “Sneed died as a direct result of the gunshot wounds he sustained from Defendant Michael’s bullets. The killing occurred while Defendant Michael was acting in the course and scope of her employment as a security guard with Defendants Walmart and US Security.”

On Thursday, Jermaine Wooten, of The Legal Solution Group and Daniel Dailey of Kingdom Litigators Inc., released video of the 2017 incident.

Surveillance Video from Raytown Walmart

Michael, 29, was charged Wednesday with felony assault and armed criminal action for shooting a woman in the back this summer. The deputy shot a woman after attempting to take her into custody near 40th and Oak streets on Aug. 8. After the shooting, Michael said that the woman had tased her during a struggle, but an investigation found the taser cartridges were deployed within three seconds of each other, not supporting the claim.

Gayle Carr Sneed, the mother of Donald Sneed, said the latest shooting has made her “relive everything again.” She said she finds it “ironic that it’s the same freaking story” Michael gave after shooting her son.

Wooten said Michael told identical stories to justify shooting two unarmed individuals in two separate years.

According a probable cause statement detailing the August incident, Michael told a sergeant after the shooting that, “I am not as comfortable with this one as the last one.”

In a statement, Jackson County prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said the case met a high bar in bringing charges.

“Each case stands on its own fact pattern,” she said in the statement regarding the 2019 event. “In this case, we do not find the actions of this officer to be reasonable or lawful. The actions of the deputy were not lawful to effect this arrest of this civilian, and we do not find the officer’s actions to be reasonable to protect against a perceived physical threat against the officer.”

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