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Dublin Murders cast: who stars alongside Killian Scott and Sarah Greene in the new BBC crime drama series? – iNews

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Dublin Murder Squad has been crying out for a TV adaption, and with help from Irish national broadcaster RTÉ the BBC has stepped up


Thursday, 10th October 2019, 16:25 pm

Updated Thursday, 10th October 2019, 16:54 pm
(Photo: BBC)

A new crime drama coming to BBC One aims to explore “the borderlands between memory and forgetting, madness and sanity, between the present and the voracious pull of the past.”

Filmed in Ireland and Northern Ireland, Dublin Murders is drawn from Tana French’s internationally bestselling ‘Dublin Murder Squad’ books, and BBC One’s adaptation blends the first two novels of that series – In The Woods and The Likeness.

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Dublin Murder Squad has been crying out for a TV adaption for years, and with help from Irish national broadcaster RTÉ the BBC has finally stepped up.

It’s been adapted to the screen by The ABC Murders’ writer Sarah Phelps, who described the series as “a vibrant world wherein actions, discoveries and revelations in one story impact upon and have consequences in the other.”

Here’s everything you need to know about it:

What is Dublin Murders about?

(Photo: BBC)

Dublin Murders is set during the height of the Celtic Tiger financial boom of the millennium, and focuses on two murder investigations led by ambitious and charismatic Detectives Rob Reilly and Cassie Maddox.

The victims are a young, talented ballerina found dead on an ancient stone altar, and a vivacious free-spirited woman, who is found stabbed in a roofless famine cottage.

The two are seemingly unrelated, but as viewers will soon discover, the disparate cases are actually knitted together by powerful shared themes.

“Rob and Cassie have been partners working murder for some time,” said Phelps. “They’re both outsiders; Rob is English and Cassie, well, women are still rare in the male-dominated world of homicide detectives.

“They’re friends, they work almost telepathically together, they understand each other, and they get results, uniquely bonded by their own troubled histories, their griefs and the losses that haunt them.”

Who stars in it?

(Photo: BBC)

The two stars of the show are Killian Scott (Strike, Ripper Street) and Sarah Greene (Penny Dreadful), who play Rob and Cassie.

“Sarah Phelps has beautifully adapted Tana French’s compelling novels into a complex and dark exploration of memory, identity and the potentially devastating consequences of pursuing truth,” said Scott.

“To work alongside such talented people as Killian Scott, and the entire creative team is a joy,” added Greene. “The writing is brilliant and dark and it’s thrilling to give Tana French’s words a new life on screen through the wonderful Sarah Phelps.”

The majority of Dublin Murders’ cast is Irish, and includes Tom Vaughan-Lawlor (Peaky Blinders) as Frank, Moe Dunford (Vikings) as Sam, and Leah McNamara (Vikings) as Rosalind.

Also on the cast is Ian Kenny (Sing Street) as Phelan, Eugene O’Hare (Death and Nightingales) as Quigley, and Conleth Hill (Game of Thrones) as O Kelly.

“Writers as good as Sarah Phelps are rare and I want people to be as excited to watch Dublin Murders as I was to first read her scripts,” said lead director Saul Dibb, “with each episode the powerful, gripping, atmospheric, brilliantly acted mini-movie they deserve.”

When can I watch it?

Dublin Murders begins on BBC One on Monday 14 October at 9pm

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