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Mandy Stavik’s Mother Mary Testified In Timothy Bass’ Murder Trial –

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Mandy Stavik's family

ABC Mary Stavik

Mandy Stavik’s mother, Mary Stavik, testified against Timothy Bass during the murder trial in the 1989 death of her 18-year-old daughter in 2017.

The 82-year-old woman took the stand to share information about her daughter and to detail the hours leading up to her death. She described her daughter as very active in school, participating in band and sports. She was an avid runner and took her runs seriously. She had a favorite trail, which took her about five miles from her home and to the Nooksack River where her body was found, the Bellingham Herald reported.

Mary Stavik would typically join her daughter on her runs. But the day Mandy went missing was different. It was the day after Thanksgiving on November 24, 1989. There were relatives in town, so Mary did not join her daughter on her last run.

Here’s what you need to know:

Mandy Stavik Testified Her Daughter Was A Star Student & Had a Consistent Routine

Amanda Mandy Stavik had more diligence than most teenagers, according to her mother’s testimony at the Timothy Bass murder trial. She did not miss her usual evening run, even though she had a friend in town and relatives visiting for the holiday. Mary Stavik typically joined her daughter on the runs. She would ride her bike alongside her daughter while her daughter ran along with their German shepherd, Kyra. Mary had house guests, though, who were in town to visit for the holidays, according to the Bellingham Herald.

Mandy had plans later that night to go into Bellingham, and her mother knew she always followed the same habits. So when Stavik did not come home for several hours, her mother was “panicked.”

“I was panicked. She was so consistent in what she always did, there was no reason for her not to come back,” her mother, Mary Stavik, said at the trial, according to the Bellingham Herald.

The Stavick family moved to Whatcom, Washington from Palmer, Alaska when Mandy was in seventh grade. She quickly became integrated with her new school. In high school, she was playing flute, clarinet and saxophone in band. She played varsity softball and basketball, and she was a star student who made the honor roll, according to The Washington Post.

Stavik was a freshman at Central Washington University when she went missing. She brought her friend and roommate, Yoko, home with her during the break.

Mandy Stavik’s Younger Brother, Lee, Testified He Saw His Sister Run Through the Neighborhood

Mandy Stavik’s younger brother, Lee Stavik, was at a neighbor’s house playing pool the night his sister went missing. The neighbor’s house was near his family’s house, and he saw her run by, making her usual trek down to the Nooksack River. Shortly after that, he saw her run by again, headed home, according to the Bellingham Herald.

When Mary Stavik called her older daughter, Molly Brighton, to say Mandy was missing, she immediately thought of her late brother. Mandy and Molly’s brother, Brent Stavik, died from multiple gunshot wounds to the head and chest while he was on a bow hunting trip in Anchorage, Alaska, according to the Associated Press.

“I was distraught. This can’t be happening to us again,” Brighton said, according to the Bellingham Herald.

Brent Stavik was only 17 years old when he died in 1975.

“As far as the circumstances, they’ve never found any clues or any reason for the murder. He was just found shot,” Mandy Stavik’s dad, Glenn Stavik, told the news outlet after his daughter’s disappearance. His son had been dead for about 14 years at the time.

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