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Ad Astra’s Lunar Rover Car Chase Looks Like Mad Max In Space – Jalopnik

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Screenshot: 20th Century Fox (YouTube)

Brad Pitt’s in a new movie, Ad Astra, about a future where people live on the moon, which seems fine if not particularly revolutionary. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lunar rover car chase quite like this before. This clip has strong “Mad Max in space” vibes and I’m not complaining.

The excerpt here opens with some ominous “there’s gonna be trouble,” dialogue, cut to plucky lunar rovers questing into the great wide open; they sure look vulnerable. Will they be OK? Of course not! Cue the pew-pew-pew!

I’m not sure what version of humanity’s timeline Ad Astra is supposed to be set in exactly, but can we take a second to appreciate that the rovers have fenders and headlights that look lifted straight off a 1960s dune buggy?

Anyway, happy Sunday, this looks like fun.

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