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Ohio Governor Seeks to Strengthen Gun Background Checks Following Mass Shooting

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Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine on Wednesday announced plans to strengthen background checks for gun purchases by working to digitize and require notifications of warrants and protection orders to be entered into state and national databases, reports. The initiative, part of which will require legislative approval, is the latest gun-reform measure proposed by DeWine, a Greene County Republican, in recent weeks following a mass shooting in Dayton on Aug. 4.

Of the 500,000 or so warrants that were open in Ohio as of March, only about 217,000 of them were in Ohio’s law-enforcement database system, and only about 18,000 were in the federal background-check system, according to data collected by an administration task force. That’s in part because Ohio doesn’t require local law-enforcement to report warrants to the databases, nor does it mandate that local courts report civil protection orders. Both of those prohibit people from buying firearms while they’re in effect. Such a system is “dangerously deficient,” DeWine told reporters at a Statehouse news conference, as it means gun dealers often aren’t notified when they conduct a background check that they shouldn’t sell firearms to people who aren’t allowed to buy them.

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