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Police officer dies in pickup truck accident en route to Phuket – The Phuket News

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The two police officers in the police pickup were Nakhon Sri Thammarat Provincial Police Deputy Commander Col Cherdchai Chotsoot and Sen Sgt Maj Surachart Ketkla, also of Nakhon Sri Thammarat Provincial Police, Capt Sorasak Chandee of the Takua Thung Police told The Phuket News today (Aug 26).

Sen Sgt Maj Surachart was driving the police vehicle, a Toyota Vigo pickup truck, when the accident happened, Capt Sorasak said.

Col Cherdchai was sitting in the front seat passenger.

They were heading to Phuket to join a meeting at the Region 8 Police headquarters at Tah Chatchai, at the northern tip of Phuket, Capt Sorasak explained.

The accident occurred on Phetkasem Rd, in Moo 12, Tambon Kalai, he said.

“The road has many curves and it was slippery from rain at that time,” he said.

“Sen Sgt Maj Surachart lost control of the vehicle and it slid off the road, with the right door of the truck hitting a power pole,” he added.

“Both officers were quickly taken to Takua Thung Hospital, but Sen Sgt Maj Surachart later died of his injuries,” Capt Sorasak said.

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“Col Cherdchai suffered minor head injuries and was discharged from hospital the next day (Aug 24),” he added.

Asked if the Sen Sgt Maj Surachart was speeding at the time of the accident, Capt Sorasak said, “I cannot confirm that yet. The investigation into the accident has yet to conclude.”

However, as the officer investigating the accident, also speculated, “I believe that the cause of death is from the road design and oil on the road, which I found at the scene.

“This section of road has a lot of accidents. Everyone has to be careful when driving along this part,” he added.

However, Capt Sorasak also assured that a proper investigation is being conducted into the accident.

“Doctors will examine the body and question witnesses for further investigation,” he said.

The accident made major news on Thai news portals over the weekend, and saw Takua Thung Police Chief Col Sarawut Chuprasit inspect the scene in person, along with Nakhon Sri Thammarat Provincial Police Deputy Commander Col Orawan Pankaew and Khok Khloi Police Chief Col Noppadon Thiraprawat.

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