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Letter: Thank you to our ambulance service – Harwich and Manningtree Standard

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THANK you to Colchester Hospital and the ambulance service for a fantastic effort.

I was taken to the hospital by ambulance this week with breathing problems which was affecting my heart.


From the first point of contact through the 999 service, the caring and professional help shown by the ambulance paramedics was second to none.

This professional and caring service, where the patient came first above all else, followed all the way through my experience at the Colchester Hospital, firstly in Accident & Emergency, then to the emergency EAU and ACU units.

In all of these units I found dedicated and totally caring doctors and nurses where everything was about the patient’s comfort and wellbeing came first, they also did this with a genuine smile on their faces.

I must not fail to mention the caring and thoughtful way that patients were offered food and refreshments, newspapers and various other things the patients may need.

The food was excellent during the week, Monday to Friday, but Saturday food seemed to come from another source, and although it was very good it was not quite as good as during the week.

Luckily, I have now returned home, and I will admit that I was fast tracked through high-dependency units with plenty of highly-trained staff, so my experience may have been different to what some other people may have experienced.

So Prime Minister Boris Johnson, I admit that I do not like you very much and think of you more as Fred Scuttle rather than as you think of yourself as another Sir Winston Churchill.

If you really do mean what you say, then please prove it by giving the British public the NHS they need.

Then even I may consider you worthy of the position you now hold, which is something I have not afforded any prime minister since Sir Winston.

I would then be quite happy to call you Sir Boris.

Steve Holmes

Stour Close, Harwich

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