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Major reward to be offered for information about Dublin dad’s murder by driver thug in front of horrified k – The Irish Sun

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A MAJOR reward is to be offered for information on the murder of an innocent dad who was run over in front of horrified kids.

The Irish Sun can reveal Crimestoppers are set to make a financial package available to anyone who can help nail the evil killers of Stephen Lynch.

Credit: Crispin Rodwell – The Sun Dublin

The 31-year-old was murdered after a car ploughed into him in Brookview Close in Tallaght, south Dublin, on April 13, 2017.

He was targeted after telling a thug who was driving a Ford Focus to slow down because children were playing nearby.

The suspected driver of the Ford Focus was with another man in the car and they are yet to face any charges over the horrific incident.

Although the dad-of-three’s killing was witnessed by dozens of people that day, no-one has come forward with information to help his family in their quest for justice.

We also understand that leaflets outlining details of the murder will also be distributed as part of the new appeal.

The new appeal comes after the DPP also ruled there was to be no prosecutions in the case.

In an exclusive interview with the Irish Sun, Stephen’s heartbroken mum Vera urged anyone with information on the killing that sparked widespread revulsion across Ireland to come forward.

She said: “I am hoping that any reward that is offered for information relating to my beautiful son’s murder could convince those who have been reluctant to tell the Gardai what they saw that day to do so now. It’s never too late for people to come forward.


“All we need is someone with a conscience to do the right thing and come forward. There is no healing process for our family until those who took an innocent man’s life and completely shattered our lives are brought to justice.

“My grandson Craig is 16 now and this a time when he needs his father — he constantly talks about him and it’s heartbreaking to see him grow up without his dad.

“Stephen has just missed out so much since he was taken from us and the latest is the Christening of his brother’s child.

“Whenever we talk it always goes back to Stephen — there is just a massive void in our lives that will never be filled again. A light in my world was switched off when my son was taken from me but I will never stop fighting for him.”

She added: “I never wanted to be a mother who lost her son I just wanted him in my life.

“There is no laughter in my house any more and this is simply because my son was taken from us in a brutal, callous and cowardly manner.

“I walk past people in the street who witnessed my son’s murder but they are still choosing to remain silent. It’s never been about revenge for us . . . all we want is justice.”


Stephen, who gardai confirmed was not involved in crime and was completely innocent, was knocked down as he walked to his mother’s home.

The two-year anniversary of the horrific crime was earlier this year.

And last year’s date saw more than 100 people gather at the spot of the murder after marching there from Vera’s home.

Vera has also requested a meeting with Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan and Garda Commissioner Drew Harris.

She added: “I’m confident the Gardai did everything they could but I’m very disappointed with the DPP’s directions.

“I just can’t comprehend what the DPP told me and I don’t want our family losing hope . . . I will keep fighting until the day I die.”

In a previous interview with the Irish Sun, the murder victim’s heartbroken son Craig Keane Lynch, 16, told how he’s reminded of his dad’s murder every time he goes to school.

Craig also returned to the murder scene last month in a bid to urge anyone with information to come forward.

The teenager said: “My da wasn’t just a great father to me, he was my best friend and my hero. The man who murdered him is just an evil coward.

“I will never, ever forgive them for destroying my family. I walk past the spot where he was killed twice a day and it’s just heartbreaking.

“When I go past that area it’s impossible for me not to think about a wonderful human being who was taken from us.”

Stephen’s youngest brother Dylan, previously said: “Stephen was my big brother and we all just idolised him. He brought so much fun and laughter to our lives and we’re just lost without him.

I’m the youngest in our family and I just miss him so, so much. I can’t understand why people haven’t come forward.”

A major Garda investigation is still under way and is being run by Det Insp John Walsh and Supt Ian Lackey at Tallaght Garda Station.

We also previously told how heroic Stephen pulled a woman and her two kids from their car after smoke started coming from it, saved his nephew Tyler when he was choking and saved the life of a neighbour’s baby.

Grieving teen who lost ‘best friend and hero’ after dad murdered by thug driver issues heartbreaking witness plea as he vows to get justice

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