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Thai driver causes accident in Japan – Bangkok Post

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The scene of the crash involving a Thai driver and three other cars on Hokkaido island in Japan on Sunday. (Photo taken from @Hokkaidofanclub Facebook)

A 31-year-old Thai driver using a GPS to tour Hokkaido Island in Japan has been charged after his car crashed into another vehicle and injured four women, one of whom was badly hurt.

The crash happened early on Sunday afternoon, according to media reports.

The man was travelling on two-lane Highway  237, heading to Furano tourist city of Hokkaido prefecture. His vehicle crashed head-on into a car travelling in the opposite direction, which was then rear-ended by two following cars. 

A seriously hurt 24-year Japanese woman was rushed to a hospital by helicopter. Three other young women sustained minor injuries, according to Hokkaido fanclub Facebook page.

It was reported the Thai driver, who was not named, admitted he was focusing on the car’s GPS navigator and had failed to look at the road ahead.

Japanese police have charged him with reckless driving causing injury.

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