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Maidstone burglar chased and caught by residents jailed – Kent Online

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Persistence for burglar Stephen Chambers didn’t pay off, but cost him him his liberty.

The noisy thief’s attempt to break-in to a house in Brunswick Street, Maidstone alerted neighbours.

The 35-year-old tried the front of the house, smashing glass, then the back, then the conservatory – all unsuccessfully.


And even when he was seen by alert neighbours, the father-of-three didn’t scarper but hung around in an alleyway in College Walk.

Maidstone Crown Court heard how he returned – this time with an empty bag and sat on the kerb “waiting for the neighbours to disperse”.

Judge Tony Baumgartner heard how Chambers then began to walk away but was chased by the neighbours and detained until police officers arrived.

Chambers, of Hayle Road, Maidstone admitted burglary with intent to steal –his fifth conviction in 12 years.

Stephen Chambers. Picture: Kent Police
Stephen Chambers. Picture: Kent Police

The court heard that the owners of the property were on holiday in Turkey in June this year when the botched break-in took place. Nothing was stolen.

Chambers, who had been released earlier was on licence, was immediately recalled to prison for 28 days.

He later claimed he was suffering from depression and anxiety and couldn’t recall why he had gone to the property.

Judge Baumgartner jailed him for 34 months, telling him: “You are heavily convicted for someone who is still relatively young.”

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