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Former Surrey Police officer to abseil helipad for London Air Ambulance who saved his life – Your Local Guardian

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Officers from Surrey Roads Policing Unit (RPU) will abseil Europe’s tallest helipad for London Air Ambulance after paramedics saved the life of their colleague.

The team behind the project from the ‘E Rota’ section of the force told the Comet they launched the fundraiser after paramedics from the capital’s Air Ambulance Service saved the life of their former workmate PC Andy Holmes (retired).


Mr Holmes was hit from behind while riding his motorcycle on a roundabout in 2014.

He was thrown from his vehicle and collided with a sign at the side of the road, suffering injuries so severe they led to the loss of his leg.

In a statement sent to the Comet, Surrey RPU PS Phil Dix praised London Air Ambulance and offered further details on the 2014 incident.

“In 2014, we were very relieved to see London’s Air Ambulance arrive at the scene of a serious collision involving team member Andy.

“Had members of the public and London’s Air Ambulance not attended to Andy, his outcome would have been a lot worse,” PS Dix said.

PS Dix also described the close relationship Surrey RPU have with the Air Ambulance crews, with both teams often attended the same incidents and coordinating their responses.

“As a team we deal with the very worst of vehicle collisions and injuries around the county of Surrey. We regularly see the vital lifesaving work carried out by the air ambulance.

“Air ambulance paramedics and doctors bring hospital grade life-saving support to the roadside, often making the difference between life and death.

“We support the fantastic work of all the Air Ambulance teams but we will always be for ever grateful to the staff of the London Air Ambulance that day in 2014 and this is just a small way of thanking them,” PS Dix said.

Mr Holmes himself will take part in the ambitious abseil — which is taking place at Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel London — having come up with the idea himself.

The retired RPU officer previously expresses his gratitude for London Air Ambulance, saying he “couldn’t thank them enough” for their actions on the day he was injured.

“The immediate care I got at the side of the road was second-to-none.

“I remember what was going on until I was put under. In my line of work, I frequently go to the fatal collisions, so I was very impressed with the professionalism they displayed at the scene.

“I cannot thank London’s Air Ambulance enough for coming out to me following my collision. I knew that my injuries were very serious and without the amazing treatment I received at the side of the road, I would not be alive today,” Mr Holmes said.

So far the fundraiser, which was launched earlier this week, has attracted dozens of supporters and raised over £1,500 in aid of the cause.

But Mr Holmes, PS Dix and the Rota E officers taking part all hope to raise more still ahead of their challenge.

“In September we will be launching ourselves off the top of Europe’s tallest helipad to raise vital funds for London’s Air Ambulance — thankfully we will be attached to some rope!

“Please support us in reaching our target to keep London’s Air Ambulance flying lifesaving missions — you never know what’s around the corner or when you or a loved one may need their help,” PS Dix said.

To support the team’s fundraising efforts, go to their Just Giving page at:

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