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DOJ: 3,100 Inmates Will Be Released From Federal Prisons

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Over 3,100 federal prison inmates will be released from the Bureau of Prisons’ (BOP) custody as a result of the increase in good conduct time under the First Step Act, the Justice Department announced Friday.

The announcement, part of an anticipated elaboration of new rules that will be applied to the First Step Act, said the Act’s retroactive application of the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 (reducing the disparity between crack cocaine and powder cocaine threshold amounts triggering mandatory minimum sentences) has resulted in 1,691 sentence reductions

DOJ pledged to prioritize $75 million in existing resources to fully fund the First Step Act implementation from the 2019 budget, and work with Congress to ensure additional funding is appropriated for FY2020 and future years.

The department also announced publication of the FSA Risk and Needs Assessment System (RNAS) that will help identify all federal prison inmates who may qualify for pre-release custody by participating in authorized recidivism reduction programming and/or productive activities.

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