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Kasim Lewis: 'Wicked' sex predator who killed barmaid with broken bottle pleads guilty to murdering retired civil servant

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A “wicked” predator who murdered a barmaid in Finsbury Park has pleaded guilty to the sexually-motivated killing of a retired civil servant. 


Kasim Lewis, 32, was jailed for life with a minimum term of 29 years last May for the murder of 22-year-old Iuliana Tudos on Christmas Eve 2017.

Following his conviction, his DNA was linked to the death of 55-year-old Catherine Burke.

Ms Burke, a retired civil servant, was found bound, gagged and stabbed at her home in Haringey, north London, only a month before Ms Tudos was attacked.

Murder victim: Iuliana Tudos, 22, was found dead in Finsbury Park ()

At a hearing at the Old Bailey on Monday, Lewis pleaded guilty to the Ms Burke’s murder November 16 2017.

The mother of one was found dead by police after neighbours raised the alarm.

DNA was found linking Lewis to the scene and Ms Burke’s mobile phone was tracked in the direction of his address.

Police also uncovered explicit pornography on the defendant’s mobile phone following his arrest.

Catherine Burke was killed a month before Ms Tudos (Met Police )

Ms Burke, who was said to have lived alone after her son moved out to go to university, was killed a month before Ms Tudos was set upon by Lewis as she walked through Finsbury Park.

Moldovan-born Ms Tudos, who worked at The World’s End pub in Camden, had spent Christmas Eve socialising after work with friends when she was attacked.

She was last seen on CCTV walking into Finsbury Park at just past 8.30pm, and “never made it out of the park”, Prosecutor Crispin Aylett QC told the Old Bailey trial. 

Court appearance: Kasim Lewis (PA)

During the trial, the court was told how Lewis bludgeoned Ms Tudos with a bottle.

She may have been unconscious or already dead when Lewis set about mutilating her body with the broken glass.

Mr Aylett told the court that an incised injury to on Ms Tudos’ chest looked like “either the logo for the character Batman or else the letter ‘M’.”

Lewis also bound Ms Tudos’ hands with cable ties while inflicting injuries during the 90-minute ordeal. 

Kasim Lewis caught on CCTV (CPS)

Worried friends launched an extensive search when when Ms Tudos failed to turn up for Christmas festivities the following day.

Her body was found hidden under a jacket and pieces of wood in a burnt-out shed in the park two days later.

Lewis, who moved as a refugee to the UK from Monserrat in 1995, was arrested in the early hours of New Year’s Day at a home in Dalston, where he lived with his on-off boyfriend.

Ms Tudos was brutally murdered on Christmas Eve. (GoFundMe)

The court heard how, when he was arrested for murder, he replied: “I did it”.

Judge Richard Marks QC, the Common Serjeant of London, said the murder had caused “wide devastation” for Ms Tudos’ friends and family.

The judge said the murder was both “barbaric” and sexually driven, saying: “This was a killing that involved the most appalling brutality.”

Judge Marks will sentence Lewis for the second murder on Thursday at the Old Bailey

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