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Stool duel as Hamilton pub-goers battle robbers with bar seats –

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An attempted robbery was thwarted at the Aleways Inn bar in Frankton, Hamilton by stool-wielding patrons.


An attempted robbery was thwarted at the Aleways Inn bar in Frankton, Hamilton by stool-wielding patrons.

If the crooks who tried to rob the Frankton Hotel in Hamilton thought they’d picked a soft target, a bar stool duel with the regulars proved them wrong.

A couple of men enjoying an afternoon pint chased the robbers from their favourite pub after one of the regulars wound up “duelling” the robber with a wooden stool.

Another local used a seat to smash through the window of the getaway car, in a final bid to stop the fleeing thieves. 

Police confirmed the Aleways Inn sports bar at the Frankton Hotel, tucked away at the end of Commerce St, had been robbed of its till on Tuesday. 

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The getaway car, a Nissan reported stolen from Thames, was later found abandoned in Frankton. 

While the robbers escaped with the cash till, their regulars had tried their best to stop them, duty manager Justine Adams said on Friday. 

Like all the best superheroes, the patrons opted to keep their crimefighting skills quiet and declined to talk when Stuff  visited.

But Adams, who wasn’t working at the time but saw the CCTV footage, told the tale of the stool fight at the Frankton corral.

She said a pair of hoodie-clad young men had entered the bar and headed straight for the bathroom. 

“They regrouped inside the toilets and then stormed the bar.” 

Both were unarmed, but one of the robbers shoved the nonplussed bartender towards the other side of the bar. 

While the robber began trying to rip out the till, yanking and tearing at he cords, the bartender took the opportunity to jump over the high, polished bar. 

Meanwhile, the second robber hadn’t made it behind the bar with his mate. He was stopped by a patron brandishing a stool. 

“This kid runs to another side [of the bar] and grabs a stool, too,” Adams said. 

“So they’re having a stool duel.” 

But as soon as one of the offenders freed the till, he sprinted past the stool fight and out the door, “lightning fast”, Adams said. 

“As soon as his mate passed him, [the other robber]  threw the chair at [the regular] and followed his mate.” 

The stool-wielding patron was struck in the neck and left with bruising, Adams said. 

The robbers jumped into the car and took off – but not before another local ran out and smashed one of the getaway car’s windows with another pub stool. 

“But the [thieves] just took off.” 

The bar boasts between 20 to 30 loyal and regular patrons, who tend to look out for both one another and the bar, Adams said.

When one of the regulars showed up the next day, she was sure to hail him “the hero of the day”. 

It’s the third robbery to occur at a Hamilton sports bar over the past couple months. 

The first robbery occurred in the evening at The Dinsdale Office on Mother’s Day, May 12. 

Two robbers stormed the bar through the back door, threatening staff and trying to kick down the door of the office in search of cash.

No-one was injured and the pair of robbers ended up fleeing without cash.

The second robbery happened at Yard House bar on June 1, with four women forced to the ground at gunpoint while a robber looted the office for cash. 

One of the women – who was  threatened with violence and told multiple times she would be shot – was badly traumatised by the ordeal. 


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