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Cambridgeshire road accident blackspots revealed in new report – BBC News

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Barnwell Road near the junction with Newmarket Road is the worst collision cluster site.Image copyright Google
Image caption Barnwell Road, near the junction with Newmarket Road in Cambridge, is the county’s worst collision cluster site

The worst accident blackspots on Cambridgeshire’s roads have been revealed in a new report.

Barnwell Road, near the junction with Newmarket Road in Cambridge, had most collisions in the last three years.


In total, 53 “cluster sites” – those with three fatal crashes, or six causing injury, within 100m over the last three years – were identified across Cambridgeshire.

Eight of the other top 10 sites were in Cambridge, with one in Wisbech.

The number of people killed on Cambridgeshire’s roads in 2018 was 27, a five-year low for the county.

However, 81% of fatal collisions were on rural roads, about 20% more than the national average.

The cluster sites were revealed in the county’s annual road casualty data report.

They are:

  1. Barnwell Road, 60m south of the junction with Newmarket Road, Cambridge (five serious, 17 slight injury collisions)
  2. A1307 Hills Road, Cambridge (one serious, 24 slight)
  3. Lensfield Road, junction with Trumpington Street, Cambridge (two serious, 21 slight)
  4. Cherry Hinton Road roundabout with A1134 Mowbray Road , Cambridge (four serious, 12 slight)
  5. Queens Road junction with Madingley Road, Cambridge (four serious, 12 slight)
  6. A603 East Road, junction with Broad Street, Cambridge (four serious, eight slight)
  7. Devonshire Road, outside the Devonshire Arms pub, Cambridge (four serious, eight slight)
  8. Madingley Road A1303 Cambridge Road, Cambridge (five serious, five slight)
  9. Freedom Bridge roundabout, Wisbech (two serious, 13 slight)
  10. Mill Road junction with East Road, Cambridge (two serious, 12 slight)

Drivers aged 17-29 were most at risk of being in a crash and the report warned “targeted” action was needed to educate them about road safety.

The findings will be presented to Cambridgeshire County Council’s Highways and Infrastructure Committee on 9 July.

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