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Police believe crossbow killing of retired man was deliberate

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Police have said they now believe a retired lecturer fatally shot with a crossbow bolt in north Wales was deliberately targeted.

Gerald Corrigan, 74, was struck outside his home in a remote part of Holyhead, Anglesey, at about 12.35am on 19 April as he adjusted his satellite dish.


The bolt passed through his upper body, narrowly missing his heart, and his right arm. He died in hospital from his injuries on 11 May.

DCI Brian Kearney, of North Wales police, issued an update to the murder inquiry on Monday as Corrigan’s funeral took place in Knutsford, Cheshire.

“Gerald was a decent retired pensioner who ought to have been able to enjoy his retirement in one of the safest parts of the United Kingdom,” Kearney said.

More than 50 officers and staff were working on the investigation into the “senseless murder”, he said.

“As the investigation has progressed, all indications are that Gerald Corrigan has been deliberately targeted.

“The investigation team is making progress thanks to the assistance from our community. However, I believe that there are still key people within our community who can assist us with crucial information – please come forward and talk to us in total confidence.”

An initial line of inquiry was thought to be that Corrigan may have been accidentally shot by a lamper – a night-time hunter who uses bright lights to target animals.

Corrigan worked as a lecturer in photography and video in Lancashire before retiring to Anglesey more than 20 years ago. He had a keen interest in nature.

After the funeral Corrigan’s partner, Marie Bailey, said it was impossible to express her sadness and shock at his murder.

“He was my best friend and my soulmate,” she said. “All the time we have been together I have been proud to walk at his side and he stood beside me, always.

“His family and friends, colleagues and neighbours are all shocked and horrified at his senseless murder. We all loved and honoured him. I will treasure his memory for all the days of my life, although I would have preferred to treasure him, not just his memory.”

His daughter, Fiona, said: “My dad was a very kind and funny man. He taught me an appreciation of art and nature. There are so many happy moments we shared and I will miss him too much to say.”

His son, Neale, said he would miss his father. “My dad believed in the good in people and in life, and in the importance of family, friendship and love. He taught me that we can change, that to forgive brings freedom, and that we should believe in the best in people as no one is perfect.”

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