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Woman jailed for causing injury to baby 'equivalent to being in a car crash'

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A woman has been jailed after inflicting severe injuries on a six-month-old baby equivalent to those one might suffer in a car crash.


Kim Frost, 37, pleaded guilty to Category A child cruelty and neglect after the child suffered an injury so severe it caused multiple skull fractures.

The injury, which also caused swelling of the brain, were determined to be equivalent to what could happen in a collision or a fall from a first-floor window.

Frost was involved in what was described in court as a toxic relationship with a man at the time the events took place, Northampton Crown Court heard.

A series of harrowing texts and videos she sent him showed she abused the child in order to gain his attention, which caused him eventually to contact police on February 4, 2018.

Sentencing Frost on Friday, Judge Michael Fowler said: “I’m satisfied you are guilty of prolonged and serious neglect and that the severe injuries suffered by the victim were non-accidental and were caused at your hand, made worse by your failure to obtain medical help.

“It’s clear to me the most serious injury, the principal focus of our proceedings – the injury to the child’s skull – was caused by significant force. It’s also clear that you showed deliberate disregard for the child’s welfare in order to seek and gain attention of the man you were in a relationship with at the time.

“In mitigation, this was clearly a dysfunctional, toxic relationship but I’m satisfied you were fully aware of what you were doing and the fact that you were not behaving rationally and that you’ve been described in a psychiatric report as having borderline personality disorder does not absolve you.”

Ms Frost, of Nether Jackson Court in Northampton, was sentenced to four years in custody, two of which she will serve before being allowed out on licence.

DC Kirstie Brooks, of Northamptonshire Police’s child protection team, said: “This has been an extremely difficult case. The evidence has been particularly harrowing, depicting such severe injuries inflicted on a very young, vulnerable person at the hands of an adult.

“The child is now 23 months old and, thankfully, appears to have made a full recovery, but such was the severity of the injuries, the outcome could have been very different.”

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