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German nurse handed second life sentence for murder of 85 patients – The Irish Times

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Andrea Wennecker’s father Johann went into hospital just before Christmas 2002 with a lung complaint, and never left.

On Thursday his daughter listened as her father’s former nurse, Niels Högel, was found guilty of murder in 85 cases, including that of her 64-year-old father.


The nurse, considered now Germany’s most prolific serial killer, killed Johann Wehrenberg like most of his victims: with an injection of the heart medication causing cardiac arrest. Prosecutors say the nurse liked to be the centre of attention, rushing to “rescue” patients so often he earned the ward nickname “Reanimation Rambo”. Not every reanimation succeeded.

Thursday’s life sentence without parole – on top of two previous murder convictions in 2015 – closes the criminal case against the killer, but leaves unanswered questions about how, despite many warnings, his killing spree continued.

For Andrea Wennecker, in court for every day of hearings, the case was a “roller coaster of feelings”.

“We are very happy we have gotten this behind us now,” she said in the western German city of Oldenburg.