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Wedding cortege of police officer provoked accident involving victim in Tuva –

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13 expensive cars first blocked the traffic in the center of Kyzyl and then drove onto the road where the accident occurred.

Tuva saw a wedding cortege provoking an accident involving victims. According to local media, the cortege belonged to a newly-married police officer.

It all started on June 1 when 13 expensive Audi, Mercedes and Toyota vehicles were driving about the streets of Kyzyl, violating traffic rules and preventing other vehicles from passing by – according to eyewitnesses, the cars blocked the motorcade several times, interfering with other drivers and pedestrians.

After that, the motorcade went to federal highway R-257. On the way back, at the 811th kilometer, one of the Audis swerved into the oncoming lane and collided with an IZh-27175. As a result, the driver of the domestic car, 35, was taken to hospital with injuries of various severity.

Photos and videos from the accident scene appeared on the Internet, now these materials are being studied by the traffic police. The media also report that an official check started at the local Ministry of Internal Affairs in connection with the information that the wedding cortege belonged to a police officer.

The Head of Tuva, Sholban Kara-ool, also blasted the actions of the participants in the motorcade:

“Many people reproach and go on a rant about the wedding cortege. Some peoples have good customs, but there are also such imitative tricks that should not be copied, for example, driving around on expensive cars, boasting of wealth.”

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