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‘Accident waiting to happen’ at Grantham pedestrian crossing – Grantham Journal

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A busy road crossing in Grantham has been branded “an accident waiting to happen” due to impatient and unruly motorists.

Harry Markham-Chapman, of Hazelwood Drive, Gonerby Hill Foot, says that he has lost count of the amount of times that he has nearly been knocked over as he has attempted to cross the pedestrian crossing on North Parade.

The 23-year-old said: “Drivers just don’t slow down or stop. I nearly always have to either run back to the pavement or stop suddenly in the road to let them through.

Harry Chapman. (10524696)
Harry Chapman. (10524696)

“I have actually had drivers get out of their cars to check that I am OK but I’ve also had drivers shout abuse at me for crossing and it’s getting worse.”

Harry believes that more signage around the crossing would solve the situation, adding: “It is not well signposted at all. I fear for not just my own safety but the safety of others too, especially as there is a school nearby.”

Councillor Richard Davies, executive member for highways at Lincolnshire County Council, urged motorists to be mindful of pedestrians when using the road, adding: “Brighter Belisha beacons were installed a few years ago to make the crossing more visible, and we’ve had no reports of any maintenance issues.

“There are the usual striped markings across the road, and warning signs and buff surfacing on both approaches, making the crossing hard to miss.

“In addition, people aren’t allowed to park in the area around the crossing to ensure it remains visible.

“There is no excuse for people not stopping.”

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