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Pointless: ‘What an idiot!’ Alexander Armstrong MORTIFIED as he gives away answer – Express

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Pointless aired on BBC One this evening, and it saw Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman both return to their presenting duties.

This evening also featured a whole crop of new contestants who hadn’t been on the programme before.

This meant that Richard and Alexander didn’t know who any of the players were this evening, yet it all went a bit wrong when Alexander gave away an answer to one of the questions by mistake.

This came after the show’s presenters were discussing musical instruments and Richard asked Alexander what the difference was between a flute and an oboe.

Alexander started to explain, and it all ended with him accidentally giving away one of the answers, and he was mortified by what he had just done.

“A flute doesn’t have a reed. An oboe has a double reed,” began Alexander during his explanation of the differences between the instruments.

“The fingering of a flute is sort of related to the fingering of a clarinet,” he added.

The then put his hand over his mouth as there was a gasp from the audience.

Richard clapped his hands and couldn’t stop laughing as Alexander said: “Oh no! Oh, God! What an idiot!”

Alexander then tried to restore some order to proceedings, but the damage had already been done.

“I meant to say actually, ‘It looks like you’ve made a mistake,’ but I made a mistake earlier in the round because I meant to say right at the beginning, ‘We won’t accept the word clarinet,’” joked Richard.

“Thanks, Rich. I think we got away with that,” Alexander replied with a cheeky smile.

This came before Richard delivered a brutal swipe aimed at the contestants insinuating that they won’t win the show, saying: “I reckon one of the players definitely not,” to which Alexander replied: “Oh, really?”

Richard continued: “Yeah, yeah, yeah. As I was walking up and down, three of them I thought, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah.’

“And then one of them I just thought: ‘How did you even get on?’”

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