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Youths released on bail after break-in at Stamford Welland Academy – Stamford Mercury

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Four youths arrested on suspicion of burglary and criminal damage following a break-in at Stamford Welland Academy have been released on conditional bail.

The arrests were made at about 4am yesterday morning (Saturday May 18) after police were called to the secondary school off Green Lane in Stamford.

The males were in custody while police investigated the school. Model railway exhibits worth thousands of pounds had been destroyed.


At 9.30pm yesterday, Lincolnshire Police said that they had released the four youths who had bee arrested at the school on conditional police bail pending further enquiries.

Click here to read the original article about the upset caused by the destruction of the model railway show exhibits, and here view photos of the damaged exhibition in the school hall.

Principal of the school Vicky Lloyd has expressed her disappointment about the weekend’s events. To read what she said, click here.

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