Sebastien Belanger, with his partner Gerda Bennet, suffered a deep stab wound to the stomach. He was carried towards waiting ambulances half an hour after the attack began

Police made a series of increasingly desperate calls for paramedic assistance as they battled unsuccessfully to save lives at the London Bridge terror attack, an inquest has heard.

Around 20 ambulances were gathered 100 yards from where many stab victims lay but police did not know they were there until they took the decision to move the victims.

A young officer described how she waited for back-up for what “felt like forever” as she repeatedly called the police control room to ask for help from paramedics, but none came.

PC Mia Kerr, an emergency response officer based in Peckham, was one of the first on the scene and descended some stone steps to help Sebastien Belanger who had been stabbed during the June 3 2017…