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Only Brit killed in London Bridge terror attack 'tried to save woman before they were both stabbed'

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A survivor of the London Bridge terror attack said he almost stood on a victim while trying to run to safety as attackers ram amok with bloody knives.


The last moments of James McMullan, 32, have been relived in court as witnesses gave evidence today.

Mr McMullan – the only Briton to be killed in the attack – had been out with friends in the Barrowboy and Banker pub, watching football on the evening of June 3, 2017.

Bravely, Mr McMullan had tried to come to the aid of one of the victims, Australian au pair Sara Zelenak, 21.

When terrorists careered down London Bridge and smashed into railings, Mr McMullan helped up Ms Zelenak after she appeared to trip in her high heels.

Mr McMullan, from London, was helping her up when they were both stabbed, the Old Bailey has heard.

CCTV of Mr McMullan inside the Barrow Boy and Banker pub (PA)

The entrepreneur was later found in an alleyway near to the Boro Bistro restaurant, where Andrius Vorobjovas was celebrating a friend’s birthday.

Mr Vorobjovas described how debris rained down on diners sitting at tables in the courtyard below.

People then ran for their lives when a man emerged wielding a bloody knife which had just been used to stab somebody.

Mr Vorobjovas said: “I saw a man’s blade and a swing away. I saw a bloody blade.”

“I ran. You could hear the tables moving, glasses smashing, people running.”

He headed to flowerbeds and took refuge behind a trellis in an alleyway.

He said: “I nearly stepped on a person on his belly. I was very shocked and amazed to see someone there because I could not figure out how they got there.

Mr McMullan at top of steps to Green Dragon Court (PA)

“When I jumped over the flowerbed I nearly stepped on him.”

The witness told the court the man, since identified as Mr McMullan, was lying “star shaped” on his front but he did not check on him.

He said: “Literally at that moment I thought the individuals are coming our way. I just went down on my knees and tried to hide behind the flowerbed.

“Whilst I was there I did not see any movement. He was right next to me.”

The witness said he hid in the dark passage for some seconds before he ventured out and “decided to make a run for it”.

He emerged on to the main road and shouted at people in another restaurant to run away, he said.

The victims of the attack (PA)

Mr Vorobjovas said he later directed armed officers back to the courtyard of the Boro Bistro before he met his wife, who took him home.

Gareth Patterson QC, for Mr McMullan’s family, said: “You explain how you jumped over a trellis of flowerbeds. You said you stayed there for between 15 and 30 seconds, presumably you were looking around to see what was going on with the attack?

“You were thinking about avoiding the attackers and to get yourself out of danger. So presumably you were not paying particularly close attention to the man on the ground.”

The witness replied: “That’s correct. I did not check. I was sitting right next to him virtually but I was expecting someone to come my way any moment.”

Mr Patterson said: “You described everyone was running for their lives and getting out of harm’s way. You said ‘I was worried for my life’ is that right?”

He agreed, adding that Mr McMullan was not moving.

The lawyer said a post-mortem examination did not reveal any evidence that Mr McMullan had fallen from above.

Mr McMullan leaving the Barrow Boy and Banker pub (PA)

The court has heard how Mr McMullan, of Brent, had left the pub to have a cigarette but was unable to get back in and had arranged to rejoin his friends at the Boro Bistro instead.

His friend John Dowd told the inquest that the others had tried to leave the pub too but were stopped when an alarm started.

He said: “At the time I was under the impression it was a drill of some sort. We were directed out the back door. We exited the pub in the back alley which was beside the Boro Bistro.”

He saw another victim – Alexandre Pigeard, 26 – being tended to by people who looked as if they knew what they were doing, he said.

Mr Dowd said: “I approached to check whether it was James. It looked as if he was bleeding from his chest or stomach area. He did not look responsive. He was in the recovery position.

“I was worried about James at that point. I just wanted to make sure it was not James.”

He said it was only later that Mr McMullan’s sister Melissa told him that his card had been found on one of the bodies.

Mr McMullan and Ms Zelenak were among eight people killed by the three attackers who were shot dead by armed police.

Additional reporting by Press Association

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