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Met Police propose licences for deadly Rambo knives amid concerns growing number are being used in stabbings

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Met detectives have proposed introducing licences for “Rambo knives” amid concerns that a growing number are being used in stabbings.

Senior officers have discussed a “licensing or registration system” with the Government for hunting and survival knives as they are becoming a weapon of choice among gangs. They can be picked up online for just £15.

The Offensive Weapons Bill, expected to come into law later this year, will make retailers check the age of anyone purchasing a knife before handing over an online order at a residential address. It will also ban possession of weapons such as zombie knives and knuckledusters.

But officers said there are legitimate reasons for buying a hunting knife and more could be done to stop dangerous blades getting onto the street. They have discussed the possibility of licences with the Home Office to make them less easy to get hold of.

A Rambo knife confiscated by police

Detective Inspector Nathan Munson, of the Community Safety Unit based in Newham, said: “The Offensive Weapons Bill will prohibit zombie knives, but they are not the main problem. It is the survival knives.”

He added that although kitchen knives may be easier to obtain, they are not made to kill — survival knives will cause more damage.

They have been used in a number of fatal stabbings. An eight-inch “Rambo”-style hunting knife was used to kill Hussein Ahmed, 17, in Harrow.

Two teenagers, both 14 at the time, were found guilty of murder in June 2017. In January, a 14-year-old was caught with five hunting knives in Haringey.  

The Bill was pushed back earlier this year so the Home Office could add knife crime prevention orders imposing curfews and social media bans on gangs.

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