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Would-be killer says he thought Bacon prepared the gun he used

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The former Mission drug dealer says he didn’t check out a firearm he later used to shoot Dennis Karbovanec .

Jamie Bacon

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The star Crown witness at the Jamie Bacon trial admitted Friday that there were some gaps in his preparations the night he set out to kill Bacon associate Dennis Karbovanec.

But the man, who can only be identified as CD due to a sweeping publication ban, said he had assumed Bacon had properly prepared a compact Glock firearm he had asked CD to use.

“I had never tried to commit a murder before. I didn’t think it through as well as I should have,” CD told jurors and B.C. Supreme Court Justice Catherine Wedge.

CD has been on the stand at Bacon’s Vancouver trial for three weeks. He testified earlier that he tried to kill Karbovanec on Dec. 31, 2008 at Bacon’s request because he owed him a substantial drug debt.

But CD said he failed in his mission because the Glock that Bacon had provided jammed and Karbovanec escaped with minor injuries.

Bacon is charged with one count of counselling someone to commit murder.

Bacon’s lawyer Kimberly Eldred suggested in cross-examination Friday that some of CD’s evidence about the hours before the killing didn’t make sense — particularly that he didn’t check out the firearm that he said was waiting for him at a Mission home dubbed Little House.

“So, if you were planning on going out to commit first-degree murder and you had hours to sit there with the gun you were going to use, you would have made sure it was properly operational,” Eldred suggested.

CD said that he believed the firearm was already set for him.

“I was instructed by Jamie to use this gun. I had assumed that he took the precautions to make sure it was fully operational. It was at Little House, loaded and ready to go,” CD testified.

CD told Eldred he didn’t remember how he arrived at Little House before the shooting.

“I do not recall how I got there, no,” he said. “I recall being under tremendous pressure to follow through with the plan as we had decided.”

He agreed with her that Matt Johnston, another associate Bacon allegedly wanted dead, also arrived at Little House before they headed out to meet Karbovanec. Johnston had not been apprised of the plot against Karbovaec, CD testified earlier.

Eldred asked if Johnston was wearing body armour that night.

“I am not sure. I assumed he was because most of us wore bullet-proof vests every day,” CD said.

He said he didn’t think Johnston was carrying a gun, but agreed with Eldred that he hadn’t searched him.

“I don’t think I have ever searched anyone,” CD said.

He told Eldred he was sure he found a paper bag at Little House that he stashed the loaded Glock in, along with a spare magazine.

She grilled him on his evidence that one of the magazines didn’t fit the gun properly.

“You have got a gun that you say you are planning to take to shoot not one but two people, and it has a clip in it that doesn’t appear to fit, and you do nothing about it?” Eldred asked.

Replied CD: “This is the first time I had ever tried to kill someone. I was not experienced, and I was following directions from someone who seemed to be more experienced with this matter.”

The trial continues.

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