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Pensioner hospitalised after black spot accident – North Coast News – Causeway Coast Community

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An accident black spot near the famous Dark Hedges trees has resulted in another serious collision.

The incident which occurred around 7 o’clock yesterday evening involved two female American tourists who emerged from the junction of the Bregagh Road on to the Gracehill Road and into the path of another vehicle driven by an 88-year-old man named locally as Frankie Heggarty.

The occupants of the car driven by the tourists, which ended up in a field some 50 metres from the junction, were not seriously injured but the local pensioner was taken to hospital.

The incident comes weeks after another American couple collided with a motorist at the same junction and some eight months after an accident claimed the life of Michael Munro from Connecticut

Local Ulster Unionist Councillor Joan Baird was on the scene a short time after the incident. She said she would be making further representations to the PSNI and Roads Service to address what was an appalling situation.

“Just how many more accidents does it take to make the authorities realise that something must be done,” the Councillor said.

Locals living in nearby housing estate are furious that insufficient action is being taken with one person claiming that the Game of Thrones series which uses the Dark Hedges as a location was a curse and that the solution to the problem was to remove the trees altogether.

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