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Woman killed in meat grinder accident – Khaleej Times

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In a freak accident, a 35-year-old woman employee at a food processing plant in Pennsylvania was killed after falling into a commercial meat grinder.

Jill Greninger is believed to have fallen into the machine while standing on a set of wheeled stairs. She was found after a co-worker heard noises coming from the machine at the Economy Locker Storage Company in Muncy. “This was a horrible accident. We don’t know if she fell in or was pulled in as she was perhaps reaching for something in the grinder, which was about 6 feet off the ground,” local coroner said.

According to reports, no other employees were present at the time of the accident. It took over two hours to disassemble the machine before the woman’s body was recovered, the coroner added according to Williamsport Sun-Gazette reports quoted in BBC.

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