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Cardinals’ Josh Rosen involved in car accident, shares photo of his battered Tesla on Instagram – CBS Sports

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Josh Rosen might not be getting replaced as the starting quarterback in Arizona this offseason, but his car door is definitely going to need to be replaced after what happened over the weekend.  

According to the team’s official website, Rosen was involved in a car accident on Saturday in Los Angeles. Although there aren’t a lot of details about the wreck, we do know three things: Rosen didn’t get injured, he still has his sense of humor and his car got smashed. 

The reason we know those three things is because the Cardinals quarterback shared a picture of his wrecked car on Instagram. As you can see below, the rear door on the driver’s side of Rosen’s Tesla took a beating. 

Rosen also shared a second picture, and this time, he threw in a joke about the NFL‘s drug testing policy. 

“Dude, I’m telling you the NFL doesn’t test for this stuff,” the caption says in the photo below. 

Since Rosen has a guaranteed contract worth $17.6 million, he can likely use the giant dent in his car as an excuse to buy a new car. Although Rosen might end up replacing his car, it doesn’t sound like the Cardinals plan on replacing him. 

Over the weekend, new Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury — the same guy who once said he would take Kyler Murray with the top pick in the NFL Draft if he were in a position to make it happen — gave Rosen a vote of confidence

“He needs to understand we are in this together and I want him to know he kind of has the keys to the castle and let’s build this deal as a group,” Kingsbury said. 

The Cardinals have the No. 1 overall pick in the draft this year and every draft writer here at seems to believe what Kingsbury is selling when he says he won’t be replacing Rosen. In the five mock drafts currently on our site, each writer has the Cardinals selecting Nick Bosa with the top overall pick. You can click here to see all five mock drafts

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