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London pub owner stripped and simulated sex with BMW at side of dual carriageway in north Wales, court hears

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A London pub owner stripped naked and simulated sex with a BMW at the side of a busy dual carriageway, a court heard.

Michael Jameson, 37, of Islington, claimed to have “little recollection” of the incident, which happened after he crashed into the back of another car on the A55 in Holywell, North Wales. 

David Jones was with his wife Susan in their BMW X5 when Jameson came up close to the rear of their vehicle, eventually crashing into them. 

Prosecutor Robert Blakemore said the cars pulled into a layby but Jameson continued to shunt the back of the BMW, causing £1,689 of damage. 

Described as looking “vacant” and sweating profusely, he then climbed out of his car window and lay on to the ground while removing his clothes.

He was seen simulating sex with one of the BMW’s wheels and lying face down on the car bonnet. 

Magistrates in Mold heard Jameson, who owns a pub in Islington, had been driving to Holyhead to take a ferry to see family. 

Defence lawyer Patrick Geddes said: “Mr Jameson is at a loss to explain his behaviour. He was under an enormous amount of pressure from work.”

Jameson admitted dangerous driving and outraging public decency.

He was sentenced to 80 hours of community service, banned from driving for 12 months, and must pay £639 in compensation and £170 court costs.

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