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Brave mum with baby in her arms fights off gunmen trying to break into her home

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Home security cameras recorded the terrifying moment a mother clung onto her toddler while trying to stop men with assault rifles from getting through her front gate.

At one point the mother is seen cowering down while desperately throwing her security gate shut as one of the armed burglars shoots into the air.

The attempted break-in happened just as the woman was saying goodbye to guests at her home in Pinetown, South Africa.


Security expert Andreas Mathios said that three gunmen arrived at the home at around 10.40pm.



He said: ‘The residents were busy saying goodbye to their friends, whose vehicles were still parked in the driveway, with the main driveway gate open because they were about to leave.

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‘The suspects spotted the opportunity and stopped outside the property.

‘As they approached the victims, one of the women standing in the driveway screamed when she saw a suspect armed with a firearm.’

The unnamed woman and another man desperately try to manually close the front gate on the gunmen as one of her friends’ cars darts back inside the property.

That car reportedly crashed into the woman’s garage door during the panic.

GRABS Mum With Tot Fends Off Gang Armed With Assault Rifles CEN
The woman runs away clutching onto her baby as a man tries to manually close the door (Picture: CEN)
GRABS Mum With Tot Fends Off Gang Armed With Assault Rifles CEN
She then desperately tries to close the gate still holding onto her baby as a robber shoots his rifle into the air (Picture: CEN)

The man, seen in red shorts, falls to the ground at one point as a gunman fires off shots.

Despite their efforts to close the gate, two of the gunmen manage to open it again, with one running into the property while the other shoots into the air again.

The mother and her child are seen cowering down.

According to Mr Mathios, one of the victims managed to throw the group’s mobile phones into a bush during the robbery.

One suspect managed to grab one of the phones before running off with it.



The robbers fled in a silver Toyota Yaris after the brave mum successfully interrupted their raid, police said.

GRABS Mum With Tot Fends Off Gang Armed With Assault Rifles CEN
The robbers eventually fled the scene in a Toyota Yaris and thankfully nobody was injured (Picture: CEN)

Miraculously, no-one was injured in the terrifying break-in.

Police spokesperson Colonel Thembeka Mbele confirmed that the incident occurred in the Padfield Park area of Pinetown on Saturday.

‘The complainant and his family were accosted by three suspects carrying rifles, and about six shots were fired in the air.

‘The complainant reversed his car back to the property and he damaged his vehicle when he hit the garage.

‘Nobody was injured. A case of robbery was opened at Pinetown police station for investigation.’



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