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No jail for officer who said he wanted to rape Sarah Hanson-Young’s relative

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A Sydney police officer has been spared jail after he said he wanted to rape a Greens senator’s young relative during a “disgraceful” phone call.

Sean Daniel Murphy, a senior constable with NSW Police, pleaded guilty to making the remarks during a brief call to Sarah Hanson-Young’s Adelaide office in July 2018.

In Downing Centre local court on Friday, magistrate Megan Greenwood recorded a conviction, fined him $5,500 and handed him the federal equivalent of a two-year good behaviour bond.

“The words that you said would shock and disgust any reasonable person and any reasonable person would find that offensive,” said the magistrate, who described the 57-year-old’s offending as disgraceful.

Court documents previously revealed a Greens campaign manager answered his call before Murphy asked: “Can I have a picture of the senator’s [relative]?”

When asked why he’d want such a picture, the police officer replied in an aggressive manner that he wanted to sexually assault the girl.

Murphy told federal police in an interview three weeks after the call he didn’t know if he had made the offensive comment as he had been drunk.

But he recalled saying the senator “needed to get fucked”, asking for the relative’s photo and saying: “Do you know under Islam you can fuck nine-year-old girls?”

The officer also admitted to police he had made a similar call to the senator’s Canberra office.

His barrister, John Davidson, told the court his client was dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder and alcohol issues after witnessing a number of traumatic events in his job.

On the day he called the senator’s Adelaide office, he had had three bottles of wine.

“He is devastated by what he has done,” Davidson said.

“He has worked on so many matters protecting children that to speak as he did just appalls him.”

NSW Police said at the time of Murphy’s guilty plea he was suspended from the force.

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