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Student, 20, told mum ‘I love you so much’ as he stabbed her 30 times

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A student stabbed his mother 30 times in a frenzied murder bid at their home, a court has heard.

Kyle Morrison admitted pouncing on Sharon Morrison as she returned to the flat in Jordanhill, Glasgow last August.

Morrison, 20, allegedly choked the 51 year-old all while telling her: ‘I love you so much.’

Kyle Morrison
Kyle Morrison admitted attempted murder (Picture: Police Scotland)

In the days leading up to the attack, the university student penned letters about harming her.

Prosecutor Lynsey MacDonald said this included ‘setting out in detail’ a plan to kill his mum.

He laid out how he would hide in her closet before launching a ruthless stab attack, the prosecutor said.

Sharon was set upon last August 22 after finishing work.

As she went to get changed, Morrison suddenly appeared in her bedroom and started lashing out with a knife, the court heard.

Miss MacDonald: ‘He repeatedly said sorry as he stabbed her.’

A general view of the High Court in Glasgow where former Rangers owner Craig Whyte is expected to go on trial later this week over his acquisition of the club.
Kyle Morrison ‘repeatedly said sorry as he stabbed her’, Glasgow High Court heard (Picture: PA)

But he then put his arm around his stricken mum and began strangling her.



The prosecutor told the court: ‘She begged him to stop and to let her go.’

Morrison eventually left his blood-soaked mum and went into his own room to play music.

Sharon believed she was going to die as she lay injured for around 20 minutes.

She begged her son to call an ambulance but he said he would do it when he was ‘ready’.

Morrison did eventually dial 999 and told police: ‘Oh my f***ing God, I tried to kill my mum. You better get on to that.’

Paramedics discovered Sharon still on the floor of the upmarket flat.

She had at least 30 stab wounds as well as a collapsed lung.

Morrison then left his mother die before being fleeing to Edinburgh, where he was arrested.

He pled guilty to an attempted murder charge at the High Court in Glasgow.

The court heard Morrison and his mum had enjoyed a ‘good’ relationship growing up and he was staying with her after he left his student accommodation in Edinburgh.

The court was told Morrison is currently in hospital on a treatment order.

Lord Mulholland told him: ‘You have pled guilty to the attempted murder of your mother stabbing her at least 30 times.’

Morrison will remain in hospital as sentencing was deferred for reports.



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