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Google maps: Shock as pets cause painful accident – what has happened? – Express

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Google maps cameras were quick to capture a spot of doggie drama, which left their owner with a painful injury. New images showed the dangerous consequences of a seemingly innocent trip out by a pet-lover and her two pooches. The trio appeared keen to make the most of the sunshine in America, heading for a morning out. The female chose to ride her pink bike while the dogs trotted by alongside.

The animals – one of which was an Alsatian – were attached to her road bike handles with two separate leads.

They chose to travel down a relatively quiet stretch of road, lined by trees and lavender plants.

Yet the brunette’s decision to make sure her beloved pets could not stray too far nearly resulted in serious injury.

Embracing the sense of freedom, the images show how they surged ahead, causing the bike to topple over, taking the lady with it.

She can be seen sprawled in a heap at the side of the road, with her head facing the floor.


After taking time to recover from the shock, she turns around and sits on the curb at the side of the road.

Proving a responsible pet owner throughout, she keeps a close hold on their leads.

The dogs, meanwhile, continued to play at the side of the road regardless.

It is unclear what injuries the female cyclist suffered.

Meanwhile, Google maps also leapt into action at the sight of a lively frog spotted strolling around the historic city of Prague.

No ordinary reptile, this amphibian was in fact a person dressed in an eye-popping green onesie.

Pictures captured by the device show the light-hearted individual inside the fancy dress outfit also sporting a frog head, with two boggling eyes on top.

They rounded off their look with matching green trainers.

Making sure their garments didn’t impede their daily routine, the frog was seen with a white shopping bag slung over their right arm.

They strolled down a busy street in the Eastern European country, passing by what looked to be a food store.

The costume gave the appearance the frog was very happy indeed with a huge black grin for a mouth, as they prepared to turn past a bike parked up into a graffiti adorned road.

They looked to be entering a quieter part of town, where perhaps they would go unnoticed.

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