A restaurant owner who shared video of diners ‘doing a runner’ without paying the bill has seen his post go viral with the culprit’s images shared thousands of times.

Rob Braddick shared the video after the group of six allegedly ducked out of a side door after running up a bill of £225 at his Pier House restaurant.

The three men and three women enjoyed food and drinks on Saturday night at the beachfront bistro in the village of Westward Ho! in Devon before running off.

Rob posted CCTV of the group legging it down the road on social media, to ‘remind’ them that they had ‘forgotten’ to pay saying police wanted to speak to them.

The posts quickly went viral with over 4,000 shares.

The group gave the name ‘Steele’ and a ‘doubtful’ phone number.


Rob said: ‘They had all eaten and drank and obviously had a pretty good night. I asked the manager to send me the CCTV and then put it on social media.

‘In the post I said they had clearly forgotten to pay their bill – and also left behind their after dinner mints.

The diners filmed running away (Picture: SWNS)

‘The post went absolutely nuts and was shared thousands of times.’

Rob even donned a superhero costume in his crime-fighting Facebook appeal with the caption ‘holy dine and dash batman!’

Before long tips were coming in, one person claimed to have seen the group all together at a petrol station in nearby Barnstable.

‘He took a picture of them and the Pier House manager is certain it is the same people,’ said Rob.

‘To be honest, it’s not about the money. It’s about the principle of the matter.

‘As well as upsetting the staff there, people need to realise that they cannot get away with this sort of behaviour.’

Devon and Cornwall Police are looking for people to come forward with information.