The mother of a baby who drowned in the bath is being investigated over allegations she may have been on Facebook at the time of the girl’s death.

Kayla Lynton, 23, was arrested in Tel Aviv, Israel, after her six-month-old baby Naomi died in July.

Mrs Lynton, who is married to British recruitment worker Ilan Lynton, is now on a 2,000-shekel (£420) surety bond while she waits to hear if she’ll be charged. She is said to be ‘devastated’.

Cayla Ackerman Facebook AKA Kayla Lynton
Kayla Lynton was arrested over the death of her six-month-old baby Naomi, who died in July

A source told the Mirror: ‘Kayla is currently waiting for a court date. She’s on a surety bond which means she must appear in court and at a police station when she’s required.

‘Police are looking at whether she was on social media when she should have been caring for her daughter.

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‘She’s obviously devastated and now she’s having to deal with a potential criminal case as well.’


Mrs Lynton’s husband confirmed to the newspaper that his wife’s mobile had been seized by police.

They are said to be looking at a 10-minute window leading up to Naomi’s drowning during which the mother is alleged to have accessed Facebook and Instagram.

Her lawyer, Ofer Bartal, said she tried to resuscitate her daughter but she and emergency services were unable to revive her.

Cayla Ackerman Facebook AKA Kayla Lynton
Prosecutors claims Mrs Lynton may have been on social media when her baby slipped under water and drowned

Naomi was taken to Ichilov Hospital where she died after a week in a coma.

Mr Bartal said: ‘Kayla was interrogated on the day it happened but released the same day. She didn’t even spend one night in custody.

‘Now she has been questioned one more time.’

The conditions of Mrs Lynton’s surety bond revealed police are looking at several possible charges, including neglect of a minor and negligent supervision of a child.

She has not yet been charged.

Mr Lynton moved to Israel from Shoreditch, East London, five years ago where he met his wife. The couple also have a two-year-old daughter together.

Mr and Mrs Lynton are thought to have separated since their youngest daughter’s death and he was described as ‘heartbroken’.