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APD community mourning loss of officer’s 4-year-old son from accident day after Christmas – KTXS

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Four year old Hunter Henderson, shown in the middle, died Friday after an accident on the day after Christmas. (Photo: Austin Cops for Charities)

The Austin Police community is mourning the loss of an officer’s four year son after the boy died from an accident on the day after Christmas.

Austin Cops for Charities announced on Facebook Friday that four-year-old Hunter Henderson had died after an accident on Wednesday. The son of Austin police officer Chance Henderson was injured in an accident at home while playing around gym equipment.

After the injury, Austin Cops for Charities asked for prayers on Facebook. Thousands of people then commented showing their support for the family.

“To see people supporting you through conversation and comment or just coming to the hospital, they see that, they feel that and it means something. It’s important,” chair of Austin Cops for Charities Lt. Gena Curtis said.

After the boy died, APD chief Brian Manley posted on Twitter Saturday saying, “Rest In Peace Hunter. Our hearts are heavy. Please pray for the Henderson family.”

Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody also tweeted saying the family needs help. He and Manley posted a link for a fundraiser to help the family with funeral and medical expenses.

To go to that fundraiser, click here.

Curtis said they will use the money for funeral and medical expenses. She said it could also go to help incoming family have a place to stay.

Curtis was in the hospital Friday, when the family announced Hunter was gone. She said several APD officers were there including chief Brian Manley.

She said the news was devastating to hear.

“I don’t think i’d ever seen this young man before our meeting at the hospital, but it didn’t matter,” Curtis said.

“The innocence in a child, it’s so pure. And now that baby is gone,” she said.

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