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Justin Bieber Free to Return to Argentina After Being Cleared in Assault Case

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Justin Bieber Don’t Cry for Me Argentina … I Can Finally Come Back!!!

12/27/2018 8:22 AM PST


Justin Bieber is now free to return to Argentina after the country reversed its “No Biebs Allowed” policy … so all you Beliebers in Buenos Aires can rejoice.

TMZ has learned JB can finally go back to Argentina without fear of being arrested for his alleged role in a beatdown of a photog way back in November 2013.

It’s been a long and winding road in the legal system. A trial judge found Bieber guilty, but the case was appealed several times and ultimately the Argentinian Supreme Court reversed the conviction and cleared him. 

A “Document of Resolution” was filed December 18 … officially ending Justin’s ban.

As you’ll recall … Bieber was indicted in December 2016 for allegedly ordering his bodyguards to assault a photog as he was leaving a club and take the guy’s money and gear. 

Justin’s not currently on tour, but when he decides to go back … he’s got a huge country in South America available to add to the concert list.

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