The parents of a 22-year-old murdered in Cyprus are begging Turkish authorities to hand over the suspects behind the killing more than two years later.

George Low was stabbed to death in August 2016 in Ayia Napa after attackers pounced on him and his friend Ben Baker, also 22.

Ben was stabbed in the back four times but managed to survive the horrific ordeal.

George Lowe died in Ayia Napa in 2016 after being stabbed (Picture: George Lowe/Facebook)
George Lowe died in Ayia Napa in 2016 after being stabbed (Picture: George Lowe/Facebook)

Two suspects Sali Ahmet, 42, and Mehmet Akpinar, 22, then fled to the northern part of the island, which is Turkish, where authorities have since refused to hand them over to the Greek Cypriot south.

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George’s parents Martyn and Helen Low are now still fighting for justice for their son.

His dad Martyn, 57, told the Mirror: ‘We are begging Turkey to release them so we can get a fair trial and finally grieve for George.’


Mum Helen added: ‘It’s barbaric they will walk free this Christmas while we lay a place at the table for our dead son.’

Mehmet Akpinar, 22 (Picture: PA)

She said George had tried to chase one of his attackers before ‘he collapsed and pulled the knife out of his neck’ after the traumatic incident.

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His parents were then left disgusted after they heard the tragic news from Ben and not the police.

Martyn said: ‘Ben called us from his hospital bed.

‘We had to call the Foreign Office ourselves to confirm our own son had been killed.’

Sali Ahmet, 42, is also suspected of being behind the stabbing (Picture: PA)

The couple attended an inquest last month, more than two years after George’s death.

Helen said ‘When we flew out to finally get our questions answered we were told to be quiet and it was over in half an hour. We are as confused as ever.’

Martyn added: ‘We haven’t been able to grieve because we haven’t had a trial. Every day is a struggle.’

An extradition treaty between the Turkish and Greek parts of Cyprus does not exist.