A former policeman has been sentenced to life in prison after a jury found him guilty of murdering his mother, whom he called a ‘stinking corpse’.

John Green, 65, smothered his mother Bernadette, 88, as she lay in her own faeces at the home they shared, a court heard.

After police discovered Mrs Green’s emaciated body, Green is reported to have said ‘it’s time for me to live my life now’.

John Green who murdered his elderly mother at their Preston home. A retired police detective from Ashton-on-Ribble put behind bars for smothering his emaciated mother to death could have got away with the murder, a court heard. See SWNS story SWLEmurder. John Stephen Green, 66, was sentenced to life imprisonment, with a minimum term of 14 years, by a judge at Preston Crown Court today after a jury found him guilty of murder. The emaciated pensioner weighed just six stone when she died in her own faeces on May 18.
John Green murdered his elderly mother at their Preston home (Picture: SWNS.com)

The former Lancashire Constabulary officer was found guilty of murder at Preston Crown Court today following a one week trial.

He will serve a minimum of 14 years behind bars.

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Prosecutors say Green’s revealed his motive in text messages to his daughter, where he expressed a desire for his mother to die.


He said he saw her as a hindrance and described her as a ‘burden whose lingering existence was ruining his life’.

Following the breakdown of his marriage, Green had moved back to his childhood home in Preston in 2009.

A general view of Preston Crown Court, Preston.
Preston Crown Court heard that John Green refused to try and resuscitate her when the operator asked him to do so (Picture: PA Archive)

Ageing Mrs Green had become increasingly reliant on him as her carer.

Green, a father of two, dialled 999 on May 18 saying his mother had died, however he refused to try and resuscitate her when the operator asked him to do so.

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Home Office pathologist Dr Alison Armour described in shocking detail the condition of Mrs Green’s body after her death.

Dr Armour, who was responsible for conducting the post-mortem, described how necrosis – blackened rotting skin – was found on the 88-year-old’s body, which was covered in faeces.

Dr Armour told the court that Mrs Green’s last known weight when she was alive was 12st but that her weight had dropped to 5 stone 10lbs by the time of her death.

The post-mortem found multiple pinprick sized blotchy haemorrhages in her mouth and throat, indicating that she had been smothered.

Mrs Green hadn’t seen a doctor since October 2013 and John had turned down all opportunities for medical assistance.


Speaking after the sentencing, Det Chief Inspector Geoff Hurst of Lancashire Constabulary, said: ‘This is an abhorrent case where a man who should have been caring for his elderly, vulnerable mother instead neglected her and ultimately took her life so he could be free of his perceived burden of caring for her.

‘Green denied his involvement throughout despite significant evidence to the contrary and I would like to thank the jury for carefully considering all the evidence and arriving at this decision.

‘We welcome his conviction and hope it brings some justice to Mrs Green’s family and friends.’