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Changes to Route 15 in wake of deadly accident – ABC27

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DILLSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Wednesday’s tragic three vehicle crash on Route 15 in Carroll Township, has raised safety concerns with those that live and work along the road. 

A business owner says Wednesday’s accident was the third crash he has seen in front of his business in just nine months. The increase in accidents has cause PennDot to make some safety changes. 

“Some of the initial proposals were to put a median the whole way down with some areas where you could make a left-hand turn but that didn’t sit well with the public,” said Fritzi Schreffler, PennDot spokesperson. 

Although the intersection where Wednesday’s crash occurred wont see any changes, two intersections just miles up the road will. PennDot will remove the Scotch Pine intersection completely and install barriers. 

“Instead a mile north in a mile south of those roads you will have kind of we call it a jug handle where are you won’t make a turn that will allow you to come back onto Route 15 in a much safer manner” said Fritzi Schreffler, PennDot spokesperson. 

Dr. Tomczyck, of Dillsburg Dental, which sits right of off Route 15, says the changes will be an inconvenience to his office and patients. 

“It’s not going to business it will at least be in inconvenienced for patients trying to specially if they’re trying to be on time,” says Dr. Tomczyck, of Dillsburg Dental. 

Dr. Tomczyck and PennDot say using sound judgement would lessen the number of accidents. 

“In almost every case that I’ve taken a look at over the last several years it’s getting distractions and tailgating watch and the biggest one is proceeding without clearance,” said Fritzi Schreffler, PennDot spokesperson. 

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