Three children have been arrested after a double decker bus was stolen and taken for a joyride.

The boys, all aged between 13 and 14, were apprehended in a field by officers after allegedly running away from the bus.

The Stagecoach double decker was abandoned in a car park after it was stolen from a leisure centre in Dartmouth, Devon, late on Sunday.

METRO GRAB VIA FACEBOOK Kingsbridge Police Like This Page ?? 18 November ?? At 1640 this afternoon Police were called to Townstal Road, Dartmouth where a double decker bus had been stolen and was being driven around. 3 boys aged 13 and 14 were detained at the scene by Officers and will be interviewed about the offence in due course. If anybody witnessed the incident or has any information about the offence then please call 101 quoting Log 667 17/11/18
The Stagecoach double decker was stolen from a leisure centre in Dartmouth, Devon (Picture: Kingsbridge Police / Devon and Cornwall Police)

The young boys were all arrested on suspicion of aggravated vehicle taking, before being let go and taken home.

Devon and Cornwall Police said the boys would ‘attend a police station for a voluntary attendance interview in due course’.

Officers are now appealing for witnesses or people with useful information to come forward.

Most locals were thankful that no one was seriously harmed in the incident.

Townstal Road, Dartmouth
The bus was abandoned in Townstal Road, Dartmouth, Devon, late on Sunday (Picture: Google)

A concerned mother said: ‘I’d be mortified if my kid did anything like this. Someone could lose their job, and someone could’ve lost their life.


‘Kids are influenced by each other. Police presence is needed much more in these towns just as a deterrent if nothing else. I don’t know how you stopped them but thank god you did.’

While some joked about the incident: ‘How does a 13/14 year old know how to drive a bus?’ has contacted Stagecoach for comment.