Social workers ignored warnings that a toddler was being abused then abandoned her to torture which saw her teeth pulled out before she was killed.

Officials from the Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) left 18 month-old Jayla Watters to die in the meth house in Topeka, despite being told the child was being abused by her father.

The toddler’s dad Simon Watters was awarded $75,000 Monday after successfully filing a lawsuit against the department, the Kansas City Star reported.

Jayla Watters’ father Simon successfully sued the Kansas Department for Children and Families after social workers ignored warnings the little girl was being abused and left her to be tortured to death (Picture: findagrave)

Officials there hounded him for child support payments while blanking Watters’ concerns over how Jayla’s meth-addicted mom Alyssa Haag and her boyfriend Justin Edwards were caring for her.

His suit explained: ‘DCF was informed that Jayla was being abused and did nothing to protect her.

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‘The only action it took concerning Jayla was to cash the child support payments from her father.’


He sucessfully alleged that the state of Kansas continued to give financial and medical assistance ot Haag which allowed her ‘to continue her meth habit nad the abuse of her daughter.’

The suit added: ‘The DCF social worker knew that Jayla was living in a meth house.’

Jayla’s mom was given financial and medical assistance from the state of Kansas despite battling a meth addiction. She admitted involuntary manslaughter in 2013 and has already been freed from jail

Calls about Jayla made to the DCF hotline were ignored, with the little girl’s abuse finally exposed in March 2012.

According to the lawsuit, a resident at the complex where Jayla lived heard ‘what sounded like Jayla being choked and gasping for air.’

It continued: ‘Jayla began to have seizures and convulsions later that day.’

When the toddler was brought to a local emergency room, she was so limp she had to be carried.

The abuse Jayla endured made her brain swell, and she succumed to her injuries eight days after being admitted to hospital.

Haag’s boyfriend Justin Edwards was sentenced to 128 months in jail for killing the little girl

Edwards was jailed for just 128 months in March 2015 for aggravated battery, involuntary manslaughter and child abuse.

Haag later pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in 2013 and was ordered to spend just two and a half years in prison.

After the settlement was approved, Senate President Susan Wagle said Jayla’s death ‘is something I’m ashamed of.’

Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley added: ‘This little girl was tortured.’


Officials have now promised a crackdown at the DCF to ensure no other child suffers like Jayla.

Governor elect Laura Kelly said after she was elected earlier this month: ‘DCF itself has been so dysfunctional and so under-resourced in the past eight years.’

She has vowed to boost funding and oversight at the agency.