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‘This one really knocked me’ – Nadine’s mother opens up about attempted robbery

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“There are emotional scars, one thinks about that incident a lot,” said Carine, Nadine’s mother.

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The musician drove into her mother’s car from behind after seeing a would-be robber lean into her mother’s window at a traffic light on Malibongwe Drive at the end of October

Nadine was driving behind her mother, as the pair were en route to the recording of Nadine’s latest TV show, Music Roulette.

In an exclusive interview with Martin Bester on Friday, Carine opened up about that horrible moment. “I have been smashed and grabbed twice before and I was robbed at gunpoint before.”

Carine also explained that this specific robbery really took a toll on her, stating she think about that moment a lot, “when I get home late at night, I imagine I see his face, so there are definitely emotional scars.” added.

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