A postman had to wait more than five hours for an ambulance after falling over during his rounds.

He suffered cracked ribs after slipping down a staircase at 10.30am on Saturday.

However, he was not given medical treatment until 4pm despite repeated calls from people who went out to help him.

A postman was left lying on the pavement for more than five hours after suffering a fall on his rounds. The man cracked some ribs after slipping down several steps, and was forced to wait hours for an ambulance to arrive. Neighbours rang East Midlands Ambulance Service four times before one eventually arrived. The accident occurred on Westgate, in Louth, at around 10.30am on Saturday, but it wasn't until 4pm that the man received medical treatment. A postman was forced to lie on the pavements for over five hours while waiting for an ambulance after falling on Westgate, Louth
A postman slipped down some concrete steps and suffered suspected fractured ribs (Picture: BPM)

Fearing that he may have suffered a spinal injury, people who went to his aid said they did not want to move him.

In the meantime all he had to protect him from the elements were blankets and an umbrella following the accident in Louth, Lincolnshire.

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Mark Barford said: ‘It was pretty shocking how long it took for an ambulance to arrive. He was obviously in a lot of pain and didn’t want to use a car or taxi to get to hospital.


‘People were bringing out quilts and duvets to keep him warm, and then it started raining so we used umbrellas.

‘We chased the ambulance four times; it was only on the final call that they said they would classify him as a priority.

‘We didn’t want to move him ourselves in case he had spinal injuries – it was disgusting how he was treated.’

East Midlands Ambulance Service has been contacted for comment.