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‘Accident waiting to happen’: Parked cars causing danger junction in Abermorddu

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PARKED cars reducing visibility at a junction onto a main road in Flintshire have raised concerns that there is an ‘accident waiting to happen’.

The cars are parked close to the Crossways junction onto Hawarden Road in Abermorddu are causing serious road safety issues, one of its residents has said.

While the Highway Code dictates that a vehicle must park at a minimum 10 meters (32 feet) away from a junction, cars are parking much closer than that at this junction on a daily basis.

This has led to resident Denise Pope voicing her concerns that there will be a serious collision if something is not done.

She said: ”Turning left out of Crossways there are always vehicles parked as you turn left, and a lot of time they then park to the right so you’re stuck to see both ways. It’s an accident waiting to happen I’m afraid.

”I’ve been in touch with council, but they tell us to ring the police if there are no double-yellow lines as they say nothing can be done from their end. But something needs to be done about this before it’s too late.”

Allan Parry, Community Councillor for Hope, said: ”I support any initiative that will improve road safety in Abermorddu.

”Too many cars travel far too fast along Hawarden Road, and a junction without clear visibility of oncoming traffic is an issue that needs be quickly addressed.”

Flintshire Council’s chief officer for Streetscene and Transportation, Steve Jones, said: “In instances where vehicles are parking opposite or within 10 metres of a junction, the council has no powers to enforce unless there is a traffic regulation order and yellow lines in place.

“This is not the case at this location and parking offences of the nature described are to be dealt with by the police.

“Officers will contact North Wales Police to make them aware of the issues highlighted.

“We are also aware of misuse of a bus-stop by motorists in this vicinity and Enforcement Officers have been deployed to this site to monitor and enforce against this contravention.”

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