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Edgerton boy overjoyed after special donation

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EDGERTON (WKOW) — We typically see ambulances on our worst days, or heading to help someone else on theirs. But Friday, an ambulance helped make one Edgerton boy’s day one of his best.

Liam Lamb loves ambulances.  The third grader, who lives with autism, wants to be a paramedic some day. His teacher Cassie Tellefson made it her mission to get him to see one up close.

“I wanted to get my dad from Morrison’s on it and to see if he could maybe find him an ambulance one day to do this,” Tellefson said.  (Her father, Bill Morrison, runs Morrison’s Auto Parts.)

She had told her dad about Liam’s love for ambulances.

Recently, Mercyhealth called Morrison to take an out-of-service ambulance.

“Once I seen that, I thought it would be an appropriate fit for Liam’s family,” Morrison said. “I kinda just hooked Cassie and Mercy together and actually it was a match made in heaven.”

When the ambulance pulled in to the parking lot Friday afternoon, a big surprise got even better.

“This is your ambulance now, you get to take this home,” Tellefson told Liam.

Now, his parents have big plans.

“It’ll be a place for autism spectrum kids and other challenged kids to come together,” Beth Lamb, Liam’s mother, said. “So when they see it out and about they can come and play.”

Liam has some plans of his own. “Take it home, take it to school,” Liam said. “I’m gonna drive it around.”

The Lambs will be forever grateful to everyone who made this happen.

“What’s going on behind me is something I’m still in awe about —  something I can never give,” Beth said. “[Tellefson will] probably get flowers for the rest of her life.”

Mercyhealth donated the ambulance, but it’ll still be a little bit before it’s ready to be Liam’s playhouse.

The folks at Morrison’s will be taking care of that part.

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